ROLLING HILLS 2 - Final details

Hello everyone, 

In this short little document we would like to gather all the necessary details regarding this weekend ride & camp event. If you still have some missing information, please drop us an email at if you have any further questions.


START - 8:00

Mesterbike & Coffee Project

Mester utca 11.

1095 Budapest


REGISTRATION - 8:00 - 8:30

At the arrival, please find one of the organizers to check-in for the ride and sign the event disclaimer. If, for any reason, you still haven’t completed your ticket payment (but you have pre-arranged it with organizers), please do that first thing at the start.


Accommodation will take place at Pénzásási Turistaház. It’s a mountain hut accommodating 32 people, few kilometers away from Diósjeno.

Please, find coordinates here:

Google maps link

Address: 2645 Nagyoroszi, outskirts

GPS: 47.991475° / 19.034252°

Mobil: +36 20/4687-034 



- Prepare for a digital detox, since the area has no internet and bad reception

- Bring your ‘tools for entertainment’ instead, any ball or board games are welcome! 

- The accommodation place can provide bed linen+pillow+towel for 850 HUF, if you are not prepared with a sleeping bag.

- If you signed up for staying outside, please prepare it will be cold during the night, so make sure you have enough warm clothes with you

- We will be in the middle of the forrest in the mountains, meaning:

1. temperature will drop down to 8 degrees during night

2. no signal, no internet

3. closest grocery shop is probably at Diósjeno (open only on Saturday)

prepare in advance with all you need - any comfort food or beverages - for the 2 days

4. Respect nature, take care of your surroundings and leave no trace!

Considering the circumstances, if you post photos of the event on instagram the moment you reach the signals, please, use our common hashtag: #RollingHills2018


We will provide the transportation of:

- broken bikes in emergency case

- camping gear

- comfort items: ball and board games, comfort food and beverages


SATURDAY, 19th May

8am to 8:30am - Registration @ Mesterbike

- check-in and sign the event disclaimer

- meet the whole team

- have a good coffee!

8:30am - group start from Mesterbike


Route 1. for easy riders (40kms, train+bike)

Taking train from Nyugati Station to Kismaros

riding from Kismaros to Nagymaros

1pm-2pm Meeting point with the rest of the group at PIKNIK manufaktúra at Nagymaros for lunch and rest (

2pm - continue riding to Pénzásás


Route 2. for the really tough ones with gravel or mountain bikes (90kms, bike + ferry)

riding all the way from Budapest to Paprét

11:30am - 30 min. break at Paprét, top of the hill

crossing the Danube at Visegrad with the ferry 

1pm-2pm lunchbreak at PIKNIK manofaktúra at Nagymaros

2pm - continue riding to Pénzásás through the Duna-Ipoly national park


7pm - Dinner is served!

9pm - presentation: Bikepacking vs Biketouring by Neza’s words


SUNDAY, 20th May

8:30am to 10am - Breakfast

10:30am - Start for the daily 55kms round tour with a lunchpack

1pm - Coffee at Kemence -

2pm-3:30pm - piknik at Neza’s secret spot -

3:30pm - riding back to Pénzásás

6:30pm - Dinner is served!

9pm - Surprise presentation and free talks about travelling experiences around the world


MONDAY, 21st May

8:30am to 10am - Breakfast

11am - Leaving the cottage

1pm - Meeting at Nagymaros, at PIKNIK manofaktúra for a coffee and saying goodbye (

Options to go back to Budapest from Nagymaros: train, riding on the pest side on Eurovelo 6 or taking the ferry to Visegrad and returning back through Papret and Szentendre back to the city.



This is not a race, it’s a joy ride!

There is no time frame to finish and we will put your dinner portion aside for you,

 in case you don’t reach the given dinner time.

The routes take place on public tracks so please show respect for members of the public that you will encounter along the way.

These are not guided rides so although representatives from Mesterbike and Blind Chic. will be on hand throughout the event riders are expected to be self-sufficient whilst out on the trails. 

This means you need to be able 

- to navigate yourself with a Gps device, maps or apps 

- to take care of your bike and any mechanical problems which might appear during the ride. Bring suitable tools and spares to maintain your bike!

- take care of yourself. Wear a helmet and use lights!


If you want to download a GPX file for your GPS device, please find on the link in top right corner ‘EXPORT’ tab and download the GPS track (.gpx)















Let’s ride!!



Blind Chic