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Our story goes way back to 2010 when we met at the university and ever since we are on a long journey of finding ourselves in each other and doing what we love the best: working together, sharing time together while discovering exciting places and meeting new interesting people.In 2013, started our own business, Pinewood Weddings, focusing on wedding film and photography for adventurous people. Since then, we are travelling the world, taking photos of sweet couple wedding’s and helping small businesses and companies with promotional photos.


We got married in the summer of 2017. As wedding photographers our free time is more flexible in the winter, so we decided to plan our honeymoon in February. There are so many amazing places in the world, which we always wanted to visit but never had a chance yet and americas was always on our list but we never took a serious step to travel there. For this special trip we decided to go to a special place, and that’s PERU!

Peru was always on our bucket list and we knew it’s beautiful, diverse, and a big country that is not so easy to anticipate.

By the time we knew we have an assignment in the Dominican Republic we figured out it was a good idea to extend our trip and visit some other place while we are already there. We crossed boarders several times and travelled from Peru to Mexico then to Cuba for few days and our final destination was Dominican Republic. The most memorable was definately Peru.



As photographers on such an adventourus 6-week trip, we ofcourse wanted to have our cameras at hand at all times. We planned to hike through 4000 m a.s.l. peaks, cross the driest of the driest desert and get lost in a rainy jungle. The ever changing weather conditions made us worry about our equipment and we knew we needed a backpack which would protect it and still look classy enough to fit our style. We looked around on the market of camera backpack but didn’t find any which would meet our expectations.

We know Blind Chic. girls for a while (once we even photographed and modelled for their collection: LINK ) and we really like their backpack, but none of them fitted our needs. They offered to make us custom build backpacks, which would protect our gear and have a classy look, just what we were looking for.


In february we flew to Cusco, the renowned heart of the once glorious Inca Empire, and we started our trip to discover it’s remote beauties. For most of people, the first thought of Peru is MACHU PICCHU! Of course it was on our bucket list, but honestly, we didn’t fancy the idea of going somewhere crowded easily accessible and consumable. Our expectations failed here. Machu Picchu is a highly protected remote place, Peru’s government is limiting the number of the visitors, and they invest in the growth of the infrastructure and put a lot of effort to make the experience special for tourist! Machu Picchu is a hard to access wonder unlike many others. Our trip there included a 7 hours round trip, an 11 km hike on the narrow train tracks and a 3:30 am wake up all in 3 days, but every second of it was worth it. Hiking up the steep sacred mountain of Huayna Picchu to see the cloud-framed Macchu Picchu palace from early morning is a unique experience, in our case the rain and the lush jungle added an extra points to the experience. Unlike most of the visitors, we hang around for the whole day in the palace, hoping the clouds would clear out and we’d be able to see the whole thing in it’s glory.


TAMBOPATA - Where the Amazonas starts

Peru is very diverse with it’s driest deserts, the lushest jungles and some of the fiercest mountains in the world. We would, of course wanted to experience them all! After the dizzy mountains we took the 10 hours bus drive to Puerto Maldonado, which is one of the most-protected areas of the Amazonas rain forests. We rented a riverside bungalow where kaymans (yes!) are hunting and monkeys are dropping the fruit seeds to your bungalow roof. The muddy and humid forests are buzzing with so many different mammals, insects and spiders, those which you are hoping to see only behind glass window in your local Zoo. But they are not there to entertain people, they are all part of this environment and Peruvian goverment is trying hard to minimise the tourist intervention in this region. This was a pleasant surprise, since we expected something else, it was mindblowing.


There is so many things I’d like to share, but it would be a very long novel, therefore I let the following gallery of 6 week travel speak for itself.  Colca Canyon is one of the deepest canyon in the world and home to the mighty Peruvian Condor!

Nasca - Flying over the mysterius Nasca Lines

Paracas, home to the most diverse wildlife in that region

MEXICO - Yucatan

Yucatan is well known for it’s mighty cenotes, coral reefs, safe and fun beaches, and the gorgeous Mayan and Aztec sites. Yucatan showed us it’s most colorful, tasty, sunny, and laid-back side and we’d love to travel back there one day!

CUBA - Havana

Although only for 3 days, we’d hit our head if we didn’t stop for a short visit in La Havana while travelling to Dominical Republic from Yucatan. There’s so many ways to describe Cuba. But long story short, everything what you heard about Cuba being safe, fun, friends, rum-soaked and gasoline-smelly is true! For adventorous photographers like us, Havana is a perfect place, where you don’t have to put yourself in awkward situations taking photos of locals. Locals get along with tourists pretty well and they really appreciate personal interaction. We usually enjoyed conversations for the same cause: we all wanted to know better about the other’s world what is what is usually hidden to the public’s eye. Life is not easier there but the Cubans know how to stay humble and cheerful. 


If there’s only one word I could say about Dominican Republic, it would be music.

Music is everywhere. Either it’s the sexiest R&B or the fiercestst latin trap, you can be sure you’d be hearing it everywhere! Music is a community interaction. It unites a country what is yet divided with social inequality. But inequality doesn’t apply when you dance and listen to the same music from a rusty taxi or a fancy jeep. The most tranquile beaches and the wonders of the caribbean region (coffee, cocoa, vanilla, and coconut) makes you feel like you are in heaven. But the firm latino hip-hop keeps you hard with feet on the ground.

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