Budapest has been like a steaming pot for the past few weeks with lot’s of work in the studio and it’s been hard to get away from the city. 

To get some fresh air and spend the night under the stairs, we packed our bikes and headed up to the Hármashatárhegy, a hill around Budapest. 

It’s just about an hour bike ride from our workshop, mostly uphill so the views have to be well earned. 

Hármashatárhegy is one of our favourite spots in Budapest and we like to go there for photo shootings or even just to clear our head out.

Our original plan was to ride up to the hill before sunset, sleep at the lookout tower and rise with the sun to take some nice photos.

How naive we were and how little we knew about what is happening there every night. How could we, we've only been there at 4 a.m.

It became such a popluar evening hangout spot in the past year that we hardly found some free space to rest after the climb. 

After we rolled out our mattresses and hammocks  the ‘night visitors’ started to arrive one after each other giving a "wonderful' background music and didn't let us sleep until about 2 in the morning.

We both looked forward to the sunrise but late night shenaningas made us oversleep it and let’s not even mention that the much needed morning coffee we forgot to bring with ourselves. 

Even though it might seem like a failure of a night, we had much fun and a bit of fresh air and brake from a city jungle is always very welcome.


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