Welcome to Budapest!

"We are two cyclists who found their place in the adventurous capital of Hungary. As a traveler, we often find ourselves lost in foreign cities, which is sometimes amazing feeling, but sometimes can be a bit frustrating, especially if we have little time to spend. With this short guide we would like to introduce you to all of our favorite spots in the city, which can be discovered by bicycle in 2 days."

For our Basic Collection Catalogue 2017/2018 we choose a bit different approach and created a Budapest city guide with our favourite people and favourite places in the city.

You can see and read the catalogue here.



An outdoor ruin pub in the heart of the Budapest’s city park. A family friendly place, where kids and pets can run freely, while you enjoy a glass of cold one and some Balkan style food.


In our opinion the best ice cream in the city. There are several locations throughout the city and you can choose between many unusual tastes, like camembert, red wine, poppy seed or even curcuma.


One of the ‘secret islands’ which stayed behind from the era of socialism. The island is slowly getting re-born with a thriving art/DIY movement in the abandoned industrial buildings by attracting more young people who might change the future of this place.


A small tapas bar in the city center, where you can enjoy Mediterranean inspired food, nice music and friendly atmosphere.


The name ‘three boarder hill” dates back into the 19th century, when it was the merging point of Buda, Óbuda and Pestihidegkút, which later became united as Budapest. The hill rises up to 495m above Budapest and is a popular place for hiking, biking and paragliding. The new lookout is a perfect spot to watch the sun rising over the city.


An independent cultural institution, home to many artist, design and creative studios, located in the neighbourhood of Budapest in Budafok. Visit it for contemporary exhibitions, performances, concerts or just enjoy the sunset at their lovely rooftop.



Our favorite bike shop in the city. While they take care of your bike, you can enjoy some freshly ground coffee and homemade cakes.


Liberty bridge is the shortest bridge in Budapest, making it popular among pedestrians and cyclist to cross between Buda and Pest. In the warm summer evenings it becomes a popular hangout place for young people, especially on those weekends when it’s closed for all motorized traffic, so people can have it all for themselves and all kinds of activities such as yoga, concerts or a botellón. And what's more, the moment you arrive to Pest side you will bump into the largest market hall in the city.



Bright place on the corner of Madách square, with friendly atmosphere and superb food from fresh ingredients. Ideal place to have your lunch, have a private business dinner or birthday party or even stay a bit longer and enjoy evening life on the square.