Blind Chic. was born in summer of 2011, when a Hungarian fashion designer (Julia Vesmás) and a Slovenian graphic designer (Neza Peterca) have found each other on a road trip, cycling from Ljubljana to Budapest. The real journey has started, when they actually arrived to Budapest.

We decided to embrace our passion in a brand that offers cycling accessories for those who love riding, appreciate unique handmade products and want to spread the lifestyle of the increasing cycling community.

Due to our international background, and different cultural history, we aim to include a global simplicity, still a very personal perspective, when designs are created. The concept we represent embraces a philosophy of sharing cultural differences, ideas and re-joining creativity, in order to aim for better, and/or for a more distinctive design.
That is the reason why we are constantly collaborating with different designers, visual artists, bike lovers or creators and with other labels or even bicycle shops.

We focus on quality, comfort and functionality, meanwhile not making compromises against style.


Juli, Cofounder and creative director

Born in Szeged, graduated as Spanish language teacher in Hungary and Fashion Designer in Denmark. Started working in Madrid for a fashion label and in summer of 2011, just before she moved back to Budapest, she discovered the Cycle Me Home project, where she met Neza, her future business partner to create the Blind Chic. label.

Besides taking care of the CEO stuff, managing the creative projects and communication with the outside world, also responsible for making new designs with Neza and thinking on the next creative idea.

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Neza, Cofounder and visual communicator

Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia and graduated as a multimedia designer. 

Neza, after building up her own brand ‘Embrace Softgoods’ and experimenting with sewing, photography and video, decided to participate on Cycle Me Home’s adventurous tour and ended up moving to Budapest in 2011.

She is the other half of the essential soul of the brand, mostly responsible for the visual content (photography, graphic design and video) and contribution to design and social media management.

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Saci, Maker and sewer

Having experience in printing, sewing and many more, Saci joined the crew in 2013 and ever since she is responsible for the amazing handcrafted quality of each bag. She is the “Mamma” of the team and the most energetic, caring and delightful lady, who overcomes any obstacle when a new model has to be constructed from scratch into a final product.


Petra, Pre-production manager

Started first in summer of 2016, when she was working as an intern for a few month. In June 2017 she completed her diploma work with the intention of developing a product for Blind Chic. and ever since she is part of our team. She has graduated at BME as an industrial designer and besides contributing in many operational tasks and pre-production duties, she also brings in new ideas for on-going projects.